Phaco/Implant Incision Knives

Two knives in one.

Phaco and implant incisions in one knife helps maintain wound integrity by eliminating the implant knife features depth indicator and Pilot Tipfor precise placement

Sharpoint ClearTrap Trapezoid Clear Corneal/Implant Knives

SharpointClearTrapknives feature a trapezoid shape design containing patented incision width indicators visible on each blade. The unique thin blade design and consistent sharpness creates incisions with virtually no tissue drag or distortion.

Sharpoint™ Pilot Tip™ Implant Knives

Sharpoint™ Pilot Tip™ implant knives are designed to follow the slit blade incision easily while the cutting edges create a precise opening for lens insertion.

SharpointImplant Knives Bevel-Up

Sharpointstandard implant knives are designed to widen the initial incision to facilitate lens insertion.


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